Knowing Your Beliefs

Your system of values or beliefs drives your daily decision-making. Remember, once you awaken to reality, or become conscious, there are no more excuses. The key was breaking away from your ego into this current state of consciousness. In essence, you transcend the ego to discover the watcher – the observer of your existence.

When I mean there are no more excuses, it means that now you are fully aware of the decision-making process. You can observe which is the better option or path to take. It’s not always a clear one of right or wrong but you’ll see that there is a better choice. At this level of awakening, you are now responsible for your choices. No excuses. No rationalizations. You’re now in touch with your divine self so you much ask yourself, “What would Jesus do?” or “What would Buddha do?”

Universal Law of Cause and Effect

Why does this matter? There are many reasons, but the first is the Universal Law of Cause and Effect. You can research it all you want on the internet, but there is really no debate.

It is, what it is.

For every action, there is an equal or opposite reaction which we call consequences. Depending on your point of view, these consequences can be positive or negative. Yes, while we were out there all caught up in our egos and making self-centered decisions, we were creating all kinds of consequences for ourselves. Most of them were negative. Well, here comes that tsunami of chaos we created.

Taking Personal Responsibility for Our Choices

This is probably the hardest part of life – owning our mistakes. This is where we lose most humans who suffer from addictions or who are too weak to own their part. We’ve made living all about blaming others for our problems. This puts us into the role of victim. As a victim, you are in effect saying that karma doesn’t exist. Or, look at what happened to me out of the blue. This mindset may provide temporary relief, but as you can imagine, it still remains in the category of unfinished business.

The worst part is you can fool yourself, but you cannot fool the universe. As victims, we are powerless. We lose power to that which we give away power. We’ll go into power and the universal laws it encompasses, but know this one thing, victims don’t recover their power until they own their part.

To Summarize

Knowing the values by which we live enables us to live our truth. When we consider what has the greatest bearing for us in our lives, we start the process of returning to the deepest part of ourselves; the part that is not influenced by the values and beliefs of others.

Becoming more aware of what values are at our own core lets us see the beliefs that are truly at the heart of our being and drive our actions in a more truthful and honorable way. Understanding what your values are will make it easier for you to live with integrity and honesty today.

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Todd Smekens

Journalist, consultant, publisher, and servant-leader with a passion for truth-seeking. Enjoy motorcycling, meditation, and spending quality time with my daughter and rescue hound. Spiritually-centered first and foremost. Lived in multiple states within the USA and frequent traveler to the mountains.

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