Employment Law And Your Rights

Individual employment law regulates the relationship between employers and workers. Through this, both employers and employees can set expectations and be clear about their rights and obligations. This is usually discussed during the signing of employment contracts, so it’s best to hire the best employment lawyers for employees if you are not sure about signing the contract from your employer.

For instance, employers need to pay their employees at least the minimum wage, comply with the right number of work hours, provide a safe workspace, and much more. If one of these rights is breached, for instance, being discriminated against in the office, discrimination solicitors would advise you to settle the dispute.

Consulting with an employment law specialist is important so you can be aware of your employment rights. This lets you know your work benefits to not miss out on the privileges you deserve. 

Can I sue for an injury at work?

Employers have a legal right to carry out due diligence, including process hazard analysis and risk assessments. They then need to act on the findings. Failure to do so can justify legal action.

Can I sue for emotional distress from my employer?

Most of the time, employers are not directly responsible for an employee’s emotional distress. But workplace solicitors will make it possible for you to sue them In cases whereby they can be to blame. In terms of the law, employers may take responsibility for their employee’s state of mind if they caused emotional distress, and it was deemed negligent or unfair to another person.

Can I sue my employer for anxiety?

It is your right as an employee to make a legal claim if your employer has caused you stress. You will need to be diagnosed with a psychiatric illness like depression. Constructive dismissal solicitors will also tell you that it needs to be shown that the illness was caused because of your workplace.

What can I do if my employer reduces my hours?

A redundancy solicitor will ask you for your employment contract since it can protect your rights as an employee. But if you don’t have one, an employer can reduce your working hours whenever they want. You can try finding a new job or maybe ask them to give you more benefits to compensate for the lost hours.

What are the skills of a reliable employment lawyer?

An employment lawyer has many day-to-day tasks such as giving advice to clients on their cases, preparing legal documents, studying previous cases to make valid arguments, representing clients, and many, much more. 

There are several important skills that employment lawyers must have to help them accomplish their goals daily. Employment solicitors need to communicate well to explain legal matters and advise their clients as clearly as possible. Their writing skills will also help them create detailed legal documents and contracts for their clients. Moreover, they always need to be accurate when writing such documents and ensure no typographical errors or grammar mistakes.

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